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How do you keep your clothes looking fresh and new?
September 19, 2012 at 1:50 PM

We gave 25 moms the opportunity to try the new Tide Total Care laundry detergent.

Tell us, how do you keep your clothes looking fresh and new? Check back soon to hear what moms are saying!

**The CafeMom Team

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  • allabout11708
    October 1, 2012 at 12:19 PM

    This is my four year olds favorite Spongebob Hoodie. He wore it to the arts fest on Saturday and got paint on it. I'm honestly not even sure what kind of paint it is. Sure hope it comes out. I did pretreat this with Tide Boost spray. Will update after wash. Pretreated for less than ten minutes because I am impatient.
  • allabout11708
    October 1, 2012 at 12:20 PM
    I will say that while the laundry soap (Tide Complete Care) smells clean, it's doesn't smell as good as the Purex I use.
  • jen113000
    October 1, 2012 at 3:00 PM
    My name is Jenna. I have two sons and a husband! So I go through plenty of laundry. Atleast two to four loads a week.

    I've used Tide Total Care laundry detergent for the past week. First of all it smells amazing! Our clothes smell awesome from the dryer to waiting to wear them! That impressed my husband since he gets sweaty and dirty at all.

    All of our clothes came out nice and clean as well. This is something I would definitely consider using on a regular basis!
  • ilovemykids732
    October 1, 2012 at 3:02 PM

    I LOVE them, although I can not say my clothes look 'new' they clean them VERY well, and they smell great!!

  • angelgrl5200
    October 1, 2012 at 6:27 PM

    Okay, so I am back to give my overall review of Tide Total Care! 

    For my SOs clothes it did not work very well, as previous pictures and review show, but for my kids and mine it worked great! I can honestly say that any and all stains came out of my childrens clothes, which is amazing! Normally I have at least 4-5 items with stains! This weekend there were none! It left their clothes smelling great, and their jeans were really soft!! My clothes looked great, I have this purple shirt, I call it my cleaning shirt, lol, and it has always been very very dingy, and just all around dull, I don't know how Tide Total Care revived it but it is now back to it's original purple! 

    For towels and washrags, we have a laundry basket and I try to get to it every 3 days or so, that way they dont mildew and stuff, well this weekend that basket had been sitting a full 9 days! It stunk! lol Now my regular way of washing towels and rags is: Tide cold water, bleach (lots of it), vinegar and baking soda! I am anal about my towels and rags coming out fresh and clean! Have you ever grabbed a clean towel to dry off and the second it got wet it smelled like mold or mildew? Ya I hate that, and try to avoid that smell at all costs! So this weekend I washed that load in just Tide Total Care! Nothing else added to the wash, just the soap! And m towels and rags came out AMAZING!!! They smell great, and so far I have not had one mildew smelling rag or towel! 

    Also our dogs bed needed to be washed, if you have a dog, you know no matter how many times you wash its bed, it still smells like dog! Tide Total Care took the dog smell right out of his bed! WoooHoo Love that!!!

    So overall I think Tide Total Care is great product! Smells great, makes our clothes feel great! And I can not wait to test it out on bedding!

  • sophiesmom07
    October 1, 2012 at 10:52 PM

    Quoting army_wifey_06:

    These samples came with my Tide :)

    Have you tried this yet? I've been curious to see how this works!

  • sophiesmom07
    October 1, 2012 at 10:54 PM

    Quoting Chillisarah:

    This is my son's Detroit Pistons onesie.  In the pics above, the shirt has a big juice stain.  Normally I would have to pre-treat the stain and hope it comes out.  Juice is a very hard stain to get out.

    And here are the pics of the onesie after I washed it with Tide Total Care laundry detergent.  Looks like new, very clean, smells great.  I didn't pre-treat the stain or let it soak or anything.  And that stain had time to settle in for at least a few days.  I really like the results and also the fact that I don't have to take any extra steps or re-wash my heavily stained clothes.

    Looks good!  

  • army_wifey_06
    October 1, 2012 at 11:06 PM
    Quoting sophiesmom07:

    Yes I absolutely LOVE them!
  • blondiemomof2
    October 2, 2012 at 12:16 AM
    I picked up my detergent on the 28th and had a chance to do a couple of loads this weekend. I was super excited to be chosen as an influencer for Tide Total Care because I am very picky about my laundry and always looking for away to keep my clothes nice and new. I wear a lot of dark colors and like thin drapey material so pilling and fading is always a problem I have encountered. I was very happy to learn that Tide Total Care helps with these issues.
    My first batch of laundry was chosen carefully to maximize my first encounter with Tide Total Care. I included my favorite pair of jeans that I avoid wearing as much as possible because of how bad they fade in every wash. I also chose some shirts that I love but have noticed they are starting to pill and some lounge wear that is notorious for pilling as well, but well loved. Some of the things I noticed from this detergent that is different from detergents I have used in the past was: the color (orange), the consistency, and scent. The detergent is thinner and more pourable, I believe this may help discourage build up that would cause fabric to look old and probably rinse cleaner (just a theory of course.) The scent is very different than the soapy scents of other detergents. Renewing rain is almost like a light perfume scent, which is very lovely and luxurious. After pulling my clothes out of the dryer I noticed how soft they were without the use of fabric softener. I doubt a detergent could remove existing pilling, however the fabric of my shirts seems smoother and much more comfortable to wear. My jeans, the ones that faded with every wash, were just as bright as before I had washed them. I am very excited to see what shape my clothes will be in at the end of this month and will definitely be updating.
    I think Tide Total Care is really looking like it will be a welcome addition to our laundry room. At less than $.30 cents a load, it is a great value, especially if it keeps our clothes looking newer longer.
  • Gweneveer
    October 2, 2012 at 8:19 AM

    Im back with my review of Tide Total Care.  

    I just want to start by saying my name is Colleen, and Im from Boston.  I have two little girls.  Keira is 5 and Clover is 2.  I am SUPER anal about their clothes.  I wash and hang almost EVERYTHING they have.  I hate how clothes shrink and get all wrinkled in the dryer.  I tend to dry things in the dryer for about 10 minutes, shake them out and let them hang to dry the rest of the way.  I always want my kids clothes looking good.  I even go the extra mile and iron almost everything they put on.  Alot of my friends and family think I am crazy for doing this, but its important to me so I do it.   

    As far as Tide Total care goes, I honestly dont have a bad thing to say.  I have used Tide Total Care on about 6 loads of laundry so far.  My whites came out great, my colors were bright.  I noticed a huge difference in my dd's uniforms.  Not only do they smell WONDERFUL, but her maroon uniform shirts look brand new!!  

    The color of the detergent is very different from any other detergent I have used, and the smell is amazing.  I can smell the detergent throughout the day, which I love, as its so pleasing to the nose!

    Im looking forward to continue using this detergent (as I bought ALOT of it) and seeing how my clothes continue to come out.  I believe I may be switching brands.  Thanks Cafemom and Tide Total Care.  I am very happy with this product!  

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