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Anyone else have a kid in *updated*
September 13, 2013 at 10:28 AM

Latin? Two of my highschool boys decided to take latin this year. I had let them know from the start that it would be a hard class but they insisted that they could handel it. Well.. they are not doing so good was wondering if there is anything I could be doing at home to help them out. A website or something. They do study everyday making flash cards and such so its not like they are not trying. We are already a month into the new school year so changing classes is not an option at this time. 

*Thanks for all the great ideas everyone.. And sorry it took so long to reply. Had a very busy weekend due to my daughter decied that she was going to be born on Friday the 13th 10 days early. I will be looking into all the info you guys gave me. THANKS! :) 


Moms with Teens

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