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My DD says I'm embarrassing.
November 6, 2012 at 5:49 PM
I can't have my country music on in my car when I pick her up from school. Someone might hear it. I can't knit while waiting for her. It makes me look old. I have to make sure I don't say anything embarrassing in front of her friends.
Anyone else's teen like this?


  • CTBmom
    by CTBmom
    November 12, 2012 at 8:12 AM
    Lol, I'm the same way. My son has on one occasion asked me not to sing quietly to myself to a song playing over the PA system in a store, which prompted me not to just sing louder, but to dance as well. I haven't had that problem since =)

    Quoting maryann525:

    lol my kids used to say that if I sang in public, or talked to their friends, I embarrassed them so I sang louder, and when I pick them up at school I get out of the car and say their names very loudly, and talk and hug their friends, (they all love me) I dance in grocery stores. lol My kids are no longer embarrassed by me, they now join in, I guess they figure if you can't shut mom up you might as well join her.

  • juno1
    by juno1
    November 12, 2012 at 10:55 AM

    This is actually a very normal part of growing up - and I think you can see, clearly, you are not alone in this.  The thing is, teens are hyper sensitive and often feel they are being judged not only on their merits but on those of their families...namely parents.  There are some things that they will find embarrassing that will surprise you...from the shoes you thought looked great to the country music you like.  How you react to them in this situation can either open doors to communicating, or not.  Read your kids, if they are rolling their eyes and goofing on you then it is not so serious and you can both laugh it off.  But, if they are really upset with something you are doing, then it is time to have a chat with them about it.  I have certainly embarrassed my kids, sometimes knowingly by goofing around and sometimes happens, and rather than get defensive I have a sense of humor about it and I am willing to actually talk about it and listen to them.

    It is kind of a balance, on one hand you want to teach your kids that it is okay to be unique, to not always want to conform ( which is why they are so super sensitive during the teenage is about being accepted...and so they tend to want to conform and not stand out).  Therein lies our opportunity to show them they we are not worried about being a little different and they what other people think really isn't all that important.  

    On the other hand, we should mind our boundaries with our kids.  If something is really making them uncomfortable, then maybe we can be the ones to adjust; it is not such a big thing to put away knitting for a moment - or turn off the radio.  

    The good news is that as they become more confident in who they are ....they will become more comfortable with who we are.

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