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Family Stress
by LoveLiz
October 7, 2012 at 11:39 AM


Update in orange

It has been happening for awhile now. I would say a good 4 months or longer. My step son and daughter in law from hell have been giving us all stress. Really for me the stress has been here since they moved to AR a year ago. She is a hot mess! Anyway she is a user, if you cannot do anything for her she doesn't have use for you. My middle son Zach started her off on her crazy bitch ways. She wanted him to do something for her after he had done alot of yard work and not so much as a thank you for it and she asked him to do something else and he said no he was going home. Since then he has been on her shit list. Then Lib posted pics of the kids on FB(which were there for MONTHS) and she got snotty and told her to take them down. She was arguing with Lib over messaging and I got into and she blasted me calling me names. I was a sorry excuse for a mother(from a mother who never have her kids and treats them like slaves) and my kids are worthless(not so worthless when she was using them). So pics went down and she still harped on us about what went down, never to our face. She accused Zach of slashing tires down the road that we both live on!!!! Arrggg!!! He didn't BTW. Allen the step son will not talk to Lib or Zach because of their treated of his wife Rolleyes. What about her's to his siblings? Watever! Then accused Zach of killing her pig and putting it in her bed. He didn't BTW. The cops did not even question Zach about it.(By now the cops think she is crazy) if anything happens down this road she is telling the cops Zach did it. The day she told the cops he did it was the day he was either with grandma, his dad at football pratice or at the movies with Lib. They wrote on a gossip website about our town about us. Mark has a temper and should not be around kids, I am worthless, Zach is doing drugs and drinking, Lib is sleeping around town with a 30 year old under our roof. LMAO!!! She gave Lib and her 17 year old the stink eye yesterday and the harvest festival and the step son walked up to Zach telling him to stop harassing his wife and that he will be 18 soon. Is that not a threat? I am just so pissed! Her father has also treatened Zach too.Then she ran off the younger step son he thinks she is crazy too. She has done alot to him and his gf and telling him not to talk to her again after he would not get anyone to buy her prescribed drugs she wanted to sell, the same drugs she accused Mark of stealing!! oh and Zach is pestering her kids on the bus. Guess what he does not ride the bus he drives to school or we take him! LOL.There is so much more, it is just one thing after another. I am so stressed and they have cell phones in our name. We are scared to do anything to make a bigger mess! It is so sad! Side note they have a open marriage and she screws every man in town she can wen her hubby goes off to work on the oil drill for a week or two. I am out of my head in stress!!

We are really thinking about moving! We cannot handle the stress anymore. My oldest is living with crazy and my stepson and all of a sudden we are the crazy ones and has disowned us all. She has a knack of seeking out the weak(wich more son is) and manipulating them to do what she wants or just to be at her beckon call and on her side. I hate it! So now my son hates us. Zach is soooo very mad and Libby is crushed. He is saying the same garbage crazy did weeks ago. He stayed on our couch for 10 months playing video games and doing little work around the house, eating our food, using up our water and eletric never asking him much of anything to get a job and then help us out. When he got the job and we asked to help with eletric he was out of there living with crazy and disowning us and saying all kinds of stuff about us. We never loved him, and that dad is not his dad that his biological sperm donor is who he has never seen only talked on the phone a few times. Zach is our star child and gets away with all kinds of stuff( Zach wants to know how and if he is the star child he sure didn't know about it) Libby is a bad word I cannot say that starts with a B and that se is sleeping around and is knocked up! I can guarantee 100% she is a virgin as much as she is checked by the doctor and with all her UTI's we have had conversations that se needs to tell me the truth and she swears she is not having sex and looking in her eyes I know and we have a ver open relationship that the kids can tell me anything. Anway I am rambling sorry! Then he says we are charging him $100 a week which is not true he only gets paid twice a month so how is that possible? Then we had him pay for all our bills. LOL. We only asked for im to help with a bill that he helped raise and then he left and gave us nothing. He gave us 0 this whole time. So he is down there making life even worse, it is worse when it is your son. :( He has sent texts to us telling us how he hates us and wants nothing to do with us and that crazy and the step son are his family.

We are thinking about Tx to move to and our friend in Ca is tinking about moving and loves Tx so we think this would be a great place for both of us to start over again. Anyone live there?


  • drfink
    by drfink
    October 8, 2012 at 1:44 PM

    me too

    Quoting MrsBLB:

    I agree

    Quoting 02nana07:

     1st take the phones off your plan then cut them loose it will be better to stay apart until things calm down before something gets said or done that can't be repaired.

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