Understanding Fertility

What's the fastest way to get pregnant?

Real Mom Problem

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about five years. Can anyone help us figure out the fastest and easiest ways to conceive a child of our own? We are willing to try just about anything (within reason and price). Please help us!

by Kelli_Jo_02

Quick Tips

  1. Understanding your cycle, and the days you're most likely to be fertile, can help improve your chances of conceiving
  2. There are many ways to determine when you ovulate; including over-the-counter kits, online charting systems, and physical signs such as changes in cervical mucus
  3. If you've been trying to conceive for over a year without success, consider consulting a doctor

Real Mom Solutions

Need help wading through all the information out there about the fastest way to conceive a baby? Read these suggestions to find out which methods worked best for the moms of CafeMom!

  • I took medication with guaifenesin every day after my period and had sex every other day. I'm currently 26 weeks and doing great. Guaifenesin helps to thin the cervical mucus to help the lil' swimmers reach the eggs.

    doopey by doopey
  • Are you charting your cycle? If you are nitty gritty, down to taking your basal temperature every morning at the same time before doing anything, including sitting up, it is extremely accurate. I used it to conceive, and when the pregnancy ended in miscarriage, used it to keep from getting pregnant for three months (to give my body a break). The first month I switched to using it to get pregnant, I got pregnant. Before I started charting, it would take me six months or more to get lucky.

    kailu1835 by kailu1835
  • We used the Instead Softcup and ovulation predictor kits. I got a positive on my ovulation test, and we had sex that day, and here I am four and a half weeks pregnant. After eight months of my period being messed up and eight months of trying, it finally happened. That was my first month using the kits and also the first month I used the Instead Softcups.

    kno4eva by kno4eva
  • Weight loss is a good way to start. They say losing just 10% of your body weight makes a difference. I lost about 18 pounds before I went through the intrauterine insemination (IUI). IUI worked on our first try.

    Alexsi1 by Alexsi1
  • My method is Clomid, sex, and prenatal vitamins. But our big thing is, keep it fun and entertaining. The minute you turn it into a chore is the minute you stress your body out. And I'm sure MANY mammas have enough stress without needing to add more to it. Besides, that added stress could make it take longer to get preggo.

    Daisy3235 by Daisy3235
  • When my husband and I were trying to get pregnant, I read that you shouldn't have sex every day because it uses up his strong sperm without having time to restock. So we just had sex every other day and I was pregnant two months from when we started trying. You should also lay down with your butt slightly elevated for about 20 minutes because that allows the semen to get to your cervix. I know that it all sounds very clinical but just keep it fun. The more you stress, the harder it will be.

    EmilyMiller by EmilyMiller
  • For me, the key was weight loss. Diet and exercise are what I needed. I began doing Zumba a minimum of twice a week and began eating a low-carb, lean protein, almost all green vegetable, and low-fat dairy eating habit. I was able to lose 75 pounds in the course of about nine months. Got pregnant after almost five years of trying.

    BridgetMc by BridgetMc
  • The first thing you need to do is find out when you ovulate. I have a Clearblue Fertility Monitor and it works well. It's important to have sex before and during ovulation which is normally mid-cycle. There are other methods to figure out when you ovulate. I would suggest going to one of the countless fertility websites to educate yourself as much as possible.

    mommy2caden by mommy2caden
  • I used mymonthlycycles.com and Instead Softcups to conceive. I used these methods to get pregnant faster.

    RaynesMommy07 by RaynesMommy07
  • Tracking your cycle is so important to know when you're fertile. "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" is a great book to get you started. If you have an odd schedule and taking your temp is tough, you can use ovulation predictor kits to know when you're going to ovulate. But the rest of the tracking helps you to know where you're at. Fertilityfriend.com can help, too.

    Drumdiva by Drumdiva

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