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What can I do to cure my morning sickness?

Real Mom Problem

I found out last week that we are expecting our third baby! I should be about seven weeks along and the nausea has really kicked in the last few days, and kept me pretty immobilized tonight. I hate this feeling! What are some great remedies that worked for you?

by JaimieLynn8

Quick Tips

  1. Moms suggest many home remedies for morning sickness, including smelling lemon wedges, motion sickness bands, switching toothpaste, and staying hydrated
  2. Helpful foods to try include crackers, ginger, peppermint candies, and special pregnancy lollipops
  3. If all else fails, you may want to consider anti-nausea medication. Consult with your doctor if your problems are severe

Real Mom Solutions

Some lucky moms-to-be never experience any nausea, but for many women morning sickness can be debilitating. How can you handle pregnancy-related nausea and frequent vomiting? See how the moms of CafeMom coped.

Try these Tried-and-True Methods
  • I found freezing cubes of watermelon and sugared lemon wedges helped a bit. If you get worried about baby getting enough nutrients, then check with your doctor to see if you can start drinking Ensure, though taste-wise I'd recommend Carnation Instant Breakfast. Just be careful that you watch your weight in case it makes you start to pack on the pounds.

    fusonjen by fusonjen
  • Here are some ideas on how to help ease morning sickness: Eating small meals throughout the day instead of three big ones. Have some crackers or a snack by your bed, so when you get up you can put something in your tummy right away. Sliced apples, slicing lemons (the smell helps some), motion sickness bracelets, ginger or anything with ginger root in it, peppermint (even try some peppermint tea), and Vitamin B6.

    Don't have fluids and meals together. Make sure you are drinking lots of water; you need to stay hydrated or it will make it worse. Eat things high in protein and complex carbs. Don't rush around in the mornings; that can make it worse. Stay away from stress as much as possible. Try slurpees or ices. When it gets really bad they help, and they are not hard on you coming back up. Think about the flavor of your toothpaste and switch if it is contributing to making you nauseous. Get plenty of sleep. Avoid sugar and fatty foods. Ask your doctor about switching to a prenatal vitamin with a lower amount of iron for your first trimester.

    gacgbaker by gacgbaker
  • A lot of ginger ale. Crackers before I got up in the morning. Get up slowly. Lemon helps. I have those little packs of lemonade that you put in your bottled water.

    Steamedpuddle30 by Steamedpuddle30
  • I sip on soda or sparkling water. Makes me burp and somehow I feel a little better. Peppermint candy by my side ALWAYS! I find that lying on my left side helps too. Ginger and crackers never did it for me. It just made me feel worse.

    KimberlyMT by KimberlyMT
  • Scratch the peel of a lemon and smell it. Something about the oils helps with nausea. Not a permanent fix but it helps keep something down.

    MommyO2-6631 by MommyO2-6631
  • 1. Take your prenatal before bed.
    2. Eat some crackers and drink ginger ale before you get out of bed.
    3. No greasy food! I ate lots of veggies and fruit and that was good.
    4. I ate rice/bread/crackers at every meal, just a little to absorb the yuckiness in my tummy!
    5. If you're like me, my throat was on fire from throwing up so much. Watermelon is the cure for that!

    2bkayleesmommy by 2bkayleesmommy
Try Something to Suck On
  • I got B-natal pops from Babies R Us! They are a gift from the heavens above! I am a natural non-meds kind of person for the most part. I tried ginger root tea, made from scratch, and ginger ale and several other natural things, to no avail. But this stuff works wonderfully!

    louzannalady by louzannalady
  • Anything sour! Trust me, I was hospitalized because my morning sickness was so bad and the only thing that worked was sour candies.

    USAFMommyndWife by USAFMommyndWife
  • Peppermint candies and ginger snaps.

    Duquesne by Duquesne
  • I would suck Sour Patch Kids and Preggie Pops to get me through my last pregnancy.

    HopesNDreams by HopesNDreams
Consider Medication if Necessary
  • I cheated; I called my doctor when it became so bad. They gave me a prescription for Phenergan and Zofran. Zofran gives me headaches, but Phenergan knocks me out. Peppermint and water work sometimes. Root beer works too. I have to avoid all caffeine and meat. Frying chicken or bacon are the demons in my house that my husband seems to love to make to torture me.

    jenzachsam by jenzachsam
  • If you are still puking and it is bad enough, you could consider Zofran. Other than that, keep food in your stomach at all times. Try sucking on hard candies or popsicles. I have a friend who says motion sickness patches and Sea Bands are helping her.

    Mrs.Andrews by Mrs.Andrews
  • Tell your doctor you want Zofran. I don't recommend Phenegran long term or even short term because one of its common side effects is "restless" leg. It can be painful and is super annoying especially when you're trying to sleep.

    fusonjen by fusonjen

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