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Should I labor or deliver in a tub?

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I am planning a water birth at a birthing center. This will be my fourth baby but my first water birth. Did the water give you much pain relief? When did you get in the water? Best positions while in tub?

by sagesmommy07

Quick Tips

  1. Many moms choose to labor or give birth in a tub to help soothe the pain of contractions and delivery
  2. You can rent a tub to have a water birth at home, and many birthing centers and hospitals offer the option as well
  3. Research and talk to your doctor or midwife before making a decision
  4. No matter what your birth plan is, don't lose sight of the desired outcome: a healthy baby
  5. When the time comes, go with what feels right for you

Real Mom Solutions

Many moms enjoy the relaxation and pain management opportunities that water birth provides. Is the tub birthing method right for you? Let these moms help you make your decision.

Let the Water Ease Your Pain
  • Water was really great to help with contractions, but I might have best liked it for preserving my personal space (no one looking at me down there, or touching me, or doing things to me). I love water births because moms (the ones that I have seen, anyhow) are always very calm. It is a very peaceful and gentle experience.

    doulala by doulala
  • Water birth is amazing! The water is so soothing for the contractions, and it made me feel so peaceful. I was able to allow my body to float and get into positions that gravity would have made difficult. I felt like I was in my own little world, just me and the baby. My daughter, who loves swimming more than anything, is convinced that she's a mermaid because she was born in the water! I do think it was a very calm and peaceful way for her to come into the world.

    bigsky105 by bigsky105
  • AMAZING! I labored for a couple of hours in the tub; it just melts everything away. It still hurts, but I was able to sleep between contractions. I got out and walked up and down the hallway once, then transition hit. I went back into the water. Ahhh... heaven... Then, I was able to move all around and find a comfy position to push in and did not have to worry about falling off a bed or being on a germy, nasty floor on my hands and knees.

    It was like being in my own little world. It was just me and baby working together to get that cervix open and pop him out. My doula was there to hand me water, Gatorade, or food and was just very quiet and peaceful and not making any sudden movements, which was so nice.

    louzannalady by louzannalady
  • I've never birthed in the water but always spent time laboring in the tub or shower. With my last, I preferred to be standing and swaying, so I stood in the shower with my husband using the hand-held massage sprayer on my back. It was divine. I only came out when I felt I needed a different position to push.

    ochelleFS by ochelleFS
  • My water broke two hours before I got into the pool and I was dilated to a three. I got in the tub for pain relief and it helped immensely. They turned the lights down, played relaxing music and did aromatherapy. My midwife was going to let me labor in the pool for a while and if it didn't help we were going to try something else. Forty-five minutes after I got in, I pushed my baby out. It was an amazing experience!

    kmqw229 by kmqw229
These Moms Say Water Births Were Best
  • I had an epidural, then a cesarean with my first and felt WAY more pain (and had a much worse recovery) than with my un-medicated second VBAC baby in water. I can't believe anyone still land-births!

    LaughterHugs by LaughterHugs
  • My last was a water birth. I only labored in the tub for a few minutes before he was born. It was heaven, though. I will definitely be doing it again.

    kcangel63 by kcangel63
  • I have had four babies. All of them have been natural, and I successfully delivered (I caught him, too) my last baby in the water. It was amazing. I can't stand the "ring of fire," and I didn't feel it at all with my water birth, which was amazing (hence why I think I was with it enough to tell my midwife that I was going to bring him out). The water is really amazing. It was really relaxing, too, for between contractions when I could rest. And, the best part about the water birth, if you find the water just isn't doing it for you, you can always get out of the tub.

    meam4444 by meam4444

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